Sunday, 22 May 2016

Wrens nest

I was potting away at my potting bench the other day and reached in under for a label from a tub kept under my bench, when there was a lot of flapping and it looked like a bird was trapped behind my stacks of pots. I carefully lifted out the pots and the bird flew away, a little wren. While the pots were out I decided it was time for a tidy, so lifted out the crate holding some more pots and there built into one of the pots was the wrens nest with four creamy speckled eggs in. I carefully replaced everything just as it was.  I checked later and mama bird was back sitting on her nest.

The nest is build on top of the black pots in the back left of the white crate.

I'm just going to have to do without anything in that crate for the moment until the chicks have hatched and flown. She found herself a cosy sheltered spot to build her nest.

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