Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Art of Nature.

Every morning I take my dog Misty for a walk on the beach, earlier this winter I noticed a large granite stone supported by a very spindly column of clay, the stone was sitting at an angle, almost as if it had been placed there, as a sculpture in a gallery.
Rock on clay pedestal near Ballygrangens Wexford.
Over the course of time, the clay pedestal eroded until I just couldn't imagine how it was supporting this massive rock.  Eventually, on morning it just wasn't there any more, not even lying nearby, but completely gone, washed away by a wild sea.

This got me thinking about the art in nature. One off works of art created and exhibited by nature  that are only on show for a limited time,  never to return. Each piece created from what is at hand.
Whether like my rock, it was there for several weeks, or the ripples in the sand at low tide, only there for a fleeting couple of hours.

Later, I started thinking about the people who manipulate nature to create natural art. For example the great landscape architects of the past like Capability Brown, who reshaped the landscape around the grand estates of England. Even gardeners like me, who arrange a garden just so, or plant a tree in a certain spot.  Or like David Nash who creates living sculpture, such as 'Ash Dome' at a secret location in the woods of Wales.

Whether, designed by man or sculpted by nature, we are surrounded by beauty. Often we are just travelling too fast through our lives to notice it.

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