Friday, 17 June 2016

Hap - py

The post has arrived and I've just received Kate Davies book of Haps.

What is a hap? Well, they are hard to define, but generally a hap is an everyday shawl, usually knitted and worn by women as an everyday garment as opposed to a fine lace occasional wear shawl. Kate has researched the history shawls and haps in shetland for this book. I'm so looking forward to reading it.

Back in March, Kate appealed for information from anyone who had knit, or received a present of this shetland shawl.

It looked very like my christening shawl. So, I pulled it out and unwrapped it from its tissue paper and there it was, the same shawl.  It had been knit for me when I was born by my Godmother. Myself and my brother and later my own children have been christened in this shawl. The history of the origins of this shawl are in the book.

I have been following Kate's blog and watching as each hap was revealed. There are several I would like to make, but the one that really caught my eye, was Lucy Hague's Uncia. I have been spinning the yarn for this hap since I saw it revealed. So I'm delighted to now have the pattern and be able to get started.

This hap was inspired by cathedral architecture, during a trip Lucy took to France last year. The shape of the hap is one twelfth of a circle, the Latin name for which is Uncia.

The Yarn I've spun (Left) is Dinorwic (below) from the Hiraeth collection from Hilltop Cloud. Plyed with a mix of blues and greens from my stash.

Time for me to get knitting.

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