Saturday, 7 May 2016

Herbaceous border

The herbaceous border at Froghollow has suddenly sprung into life. The excessively cold weather has held everything back. But, the brakes are well and truly off now. Everything has burst forth and the border is looking full. The camassia plants are looking really good this week, as are the de Caen Anemonies.  The blues of the camassia, mysotis and anemone and the pink lychnis and lunaria are highlighted by a scattering of pure white tulips and pansies.  The first of the calendula have also started to flower. I've been weeding them out over the last few weeks, but I like to leave a few as they are so pretty and the bees love them. The borage and echiums should be flowering soon, the bees really love both go those.

I found a white everlasting sweet pea called "White Pearl" today it the garden centre at Clonroche, I was delighted to find it, as I already have two different pink everlasting sweet peas.  I've planted it in the middle of the herbaceous border to add height, and balance out all the blue and pink in there.

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