Friday, 29 April 2016

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that every time I went into the glasshouse there was I little robin in there. Each time I opened the door and allowed him to flutter out. Finally I decided I'd have to repair the pane of glass that had slipped in the roof over the winter. When I went to move a hanging basket that was hanging in the way, the robin fluttered out of it.

I use this hanging basket to store plant labels and garden netting and other sundries.  When I had a closer look I realised that the robin had built a nest in the middle of the basket under an upturned pot.
It is a very clever place to nest. Nice and warm no wind or drafts and no cats can access it.

Since I found the nest I've been keeping a close eye, without disturbing it.  This week I noticed the robin very busy going to and fro with grubs.  When she was out foraging I had a peep, and saw a nest full of little chics all with open beaks waiting for their next meal.

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